13 Android Games like Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 just sold it’s 18 million copies worldwide and it is amazing to hear that the game released just 11 days ago. No doubt famous game reviewers like ign, metacritic and gamesradar said that it is the best rockstar game ever. I never thought that a game could ever give such a stunning wild west experience. However, there is not even single word from rockstar about the PC release. Unfortunately PC gamers have to wait long to experience the wild west. But there are some android games like red dead redemption 2 that you can play to get some wild west feel. These android games might not give you the exact experience as red dead redemption does but they surely give a taste of  red dead redemption 2. btw

Do you know what was the first Western game??

The Oregon Trail, it was the first ever western game that was developed in 1971 by Don Rawitsch. It was initially developed  as a board game to teach 8th grade students about “The Western Expansion of the Mid-19th Century” and eventually it came out as video game. Interesting???you can read more about the game here

13 android games like Red Dead Redemption 2

the list follows…..

1. West Gunfighter

android games like red dead redemption 2

With over 4.6 star ratings this games tops our list and like red read redemption 2 you can take part in several storyline missions, graphics might be not good as RDR 2 but you will enjoy completing activities, roaming around the map and the wild west. Customize your character, choose your horse and get started to your journey. Also you will be backed by various weapons. The game looks pleasent to eyes as you can see in the screenshot above. That’s a lot for a 20 MB game. download here

2. Guns and Spurs

android games like red dead redemption 2

This game is my personal favorite because the features it provides along with great graphics. 10 wanted missions, interesting horse races(which eventually allows you to unlock an unicorn), treasure chest and a vast area to explore.. this game has a lot to offer. Repay your wife murder by taking down the enemies from ‘town to town”, and at night chill out at the bar. You can download the game here

3. Cowboy Hunting

android games like red dead redemption 2

The reason that this game standout the list is the ultra realistic mechanics the game has. It closes down the experience while riding a horse and doing other stuffs. Beside mainline missions and Shooting missions you can also play small games like darts. poker, shooting, duels and other gambling games. The graphics are pretty good which looks quite similar to RDR 2. downlod here

4. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

android games like red dead redemption 2

Along with Rockstar games Gameloft has also developed a great piece of element in form of this game. Graphics are as real as they are along with Supernatural characters and vampires to take the wild west experience to a next level. 8 different horses to ride and 19 weapons makes the game more playable. Race horses, find the thieves and sharp your shooting skills to survive in the wild west. download it here

5. Call of Outlaws

android games like red dead redemption 2

Call of Outlaws is wild west themed First Person Shooter where you shoot the targets and gain points. Duel and training mode sum up the game. Your wife is kidnapped by willy wong and to save her you have to train yourself and keep on gaining points. Graphics are pretty realistics. download it here

6. The lawless

android games like red dead redemption 2

Again a first person shooter with stunning graphics and a well written storyline. Use the tap to kill feature to shoot your enemies as soon as you see them. This helped a lot while you are alone to defeat a bunch of enemies. Get more points by headshot and achieve more than your friends in each level and top the leaderboard.

7. Westland Survival

android games like red dead redemption 2

This game is a very interesting and addictive wild west themed MMORPG where you have to survive like the real world. You have to build your own ranch and weapons and try not to get kill as the game passes. If you die, everything you have gained will be lossed. Hunt down the deers and race horses and enjoy the wild west. Treasure hunting and quests are yet to come. This game is a must try game and is really addictive. download here

8. Western two guns (unreleased)

android games like rdr 2

Western two guns is a very basic open world game with good graphics and customizable options. The game has developed wild west world with another well written storyline. Game offers several mini games, horse racing and other options like the above games. download here

note: The game is not released so you can have some issues/bugs while playing.

9. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

android games like rdr 2

Oddworld is a very popular and a high graphic game where the wild west is taken over by aliens(thats what i call them). Where you have to spend your day bounty hunting. Game include both TPS and FPS modes along with pretty cool visual effects. Find the main bosses hidden in forests and industrial facilities and wreck them down. download

10. Bounty Hunt

android games like rdr 2

Another wild west themed FPS with old antique weapons and customizable options. Duels to fight with your friends. Search the map for bounties and kill them with accuracy to gain more points. PvP mode to play worldwide with other players. download it here

11. Bloody West

android games like rdr 2

Again a very basic wild west game based on civil war. You have to survive by leading a group of like minded people who helps you in eastablishing your worth around the wild west. download here

12. Western Cowboy

games like red dead redemption 2 for android

In this game you are the one who can save the city from gangsters. Complete several missions to make the city crime free. Ride your horse and keep an eye on various happenings in the surroundings. download the game here

and finally….

13. West Mafia Redemption

games like red dead redemption 2 for android

Again a wild west themed FPS where you go for hunting gold in the forests riding your horse. Use your weapons if you encounter an enemy. Fight for the gold and keep it safe or else it will get stolen. download here

This was the complete list of android games like red dead redemption 2 that we think might give you a similar wild west experience close to RDR 2. comment down your thoughts.