21 facts about CS:GO you don’t even know

Counter strike global offensive released 6 years ago …..and in this 6 years their has been lots of changes and controversies so let’s discuss all of them in this article consisting of 21 CS:GO facts you don’t even know .

21 CS:GO facts you don’t even know

1. CS:GO was not released on Linux for 2 years

CS:GO was initially released in August 2012 on PC , Xbox 360 , Mac and PS3 but not on Linux . However after 2 years on september 23rd 2014 CS:GO was released on Linux .

2. CS:GO held  3200 esports tournaments

CS:GO has been known for it’s prominent esport scenes . To date it has over 3200 tournaments and more than 56 million $ has been awarded till date .

3. CS:GO earns more than Fortnite and overwatch

Some players beleive that CS:GO is falling behind because of new esports like Overwatch and Fortnite but it’s not true . Well….number says that.

In 2016 CS:GO earned 267 million $

And in 2017 it earned 341 million $

In April 2016  850,850 concurrent players 

4. You can try  CS:GO weapons in real life

A company named Battlefield Vegas located in Las Vegas , Nevada offers a 695.99$ package that allows you to fire most of the popular weapons in CS:GO . Comment below if you also wanted to go there like me.

21 CS:GO facts you don't even know


5. Don’t shoot a chicken ever again

This is a thing you don’t know . Next time you see a chicken don’t shoot it. instead if you walk up and press the use key. you can actually tame them .

The chicken will follow you all around the map until someone else shoots it .


6. CS:GO was the 4th title of counter strike series

This don’t include online series .

Also checkout Worlds first Hydrofoil E-bike

7. CS:GO was developed by Hidden path entertainment .

Although counter strike main series was developed by valve and turle rock studios but for CS:GO they choose Hidden path entertainment to take the lead.

8. Valve and Hidden path entertainment teamed up

Hidden path entertainment were neighbor to valve and they established a strong relationship with them and contributed few 3d models .

9. It was intended to be a Cross- platform game

Valve decided to make this game cross platform so that gamers using PC, Mac and PlayStation could play together. But the idea was scarched few months before the release .

10. This game brought new fire damage based grenades .

This means Molotov cocktails for the terrorist side and Incendiary grenades if you are playing on the counter terrorist side.

One more fact is that u can easily reduce the flame of grenades by using a smoke grenade ….yoahhhhhhh.

11. One esport player earn 770,000 $

Gabrielle fallen toledo  known as the Brazil’s biggest esport player and he has earned 770 thousand $ over 6 years . i,e more than 100,000$ a year .

12. Weapons skins were not there before 2013

Weapon skin are now a big deal in CS:GO but they were not a part of the game until a 2013 update named arms deal which brought about 100 weapon skins.

13. U can actually listen to music in CS:GO

On the CS:GO map d_train  you can locate a radio on a table playing Team Fortress theme song .

21 CS:GO facts you don't even know

For more valve tunes go to bombsite B in d_overpass map .

14. Valve began to sell music kits in 2014

If you want more than the music mentioned in  previous fact, then you are lucky that valve has began to sell music kits back in October 2014 .

It allows player to replace sountracks in variety of places like Main menu , round win and MVP award music .

15. Valve does promotions as well

21 CS:GO facts you don't even know

To celebrate CS:GO’s 5 years anniversary valve gave a virtual coin worth 45$ for all the players who have been with the game since it’s launch .

16. CS:GO has easter eggs pointing to other valve creations.

In various maps of this game like dust 2 various messages were written in Persian one of which translates to ” Freeman was here ” .

21 CS:GO facts you don't even know

Now guess the game it is refrencing to ….

17. Certain maps in the game contains graffiti.

In dust 2 you will see a graffiti of an terrorist having 4 arms .

21 CS:GO facts you don't even know

And overpass has a graffiti of a counter strike member reducing flames and  having angel wings .

That’s awesome

18. Miracle happened at MLG Columbus 2016

During the semifinals of MLG Columbus …coldzera of team luminosities was defending Bomsite B of mirage all alone.

Coldzera took down 3 players with OP and noscope with 3 bullets . What happened can be said as a modern day miracle .

19. CS:GO’s ESL consists of 26 teams in total.

12 teams for NA includes

  • Luminosity gaming
  • Team liquid
  • Team Dignitas
  • Energy esports

Other 14 teams are from EU ESL and consists

  • Team fnatic
  • AGO esports
  • Hellraisers
  • Heroic
  • Maus esports
  •  Team LDLC

20. Crouching doesn’t make your aim better

It is a myth that crouching in CS makes your aim better . Fact is  It just lowers your body allowing you to aim quickly at the enemy’s torso when it enters your field of vision.

21. Dragon Lore Weapon skin is worth 61,052.63$

As I previously mentioned weapon skin were not there before arms deal . But after that weapons skin have been a major customization option and gave rise to expensive skins.

21 CS:GO facts you don't even know

So that’s it ……hope you guys liked it . Don’t forget to comment below your favorite fact about CS:GO. I bet most of the facts included in this 21 CS:GO facts you don’t even know .