5 Best Android Emulators for Low End PC available on the Internet

best emulators for low end pc

It can be PUBG or any other Android app that you want to use on your PC. However, Not all of us have the fortune to afford a well-built PC, don’t we? But don’t worry at all; Even on the lowest hardware requirements like 2GB or 4GB RAM, you can still use any android app by using some lightweight emulators. Below are 5 best android emulators for low end PC that you can use.

While choosing an Android Emulator for a not so good PC or Laptop, Android version and number of features are really not our concern. A fast, lightweight emulator with basic features is enough to fulfill the need. That’s why Below given emulators are totally ranked on the basis of performance.

Here’s a tip: For a better performance try these PC optimization techniques

Best Android Emulators for Low End PC

  • Nox Player
  • MEmu
  • Andy
  • Phoenix OS
  • Ko Player

Nox Player

best android emulators for low end pc

Nox is the most lightweight Emulator I have ever used on a PC. Its download size is just 350MB and is very resource-friendly and the interface looks very similar to an Android phone. Packed with some cool features for gaming like custom key mapping and instant access to the brightness and volume which are quite handy. Nox player is also energy efficient with my battery lasting noticeably for quite a long time. The sidebar looks kinda confusing, but don’t worry, you will get used to it.

There are lots of handy features available like screen rotation, menu, add an APK file, etc, which makes it super convenient to use. Nox also supports touch screens and external gaming controllers But you might have to configure it every time you open a different game.


  • Super Lightweight and extremely stable
  • Energy efficient
  • Best for low-end PC’s
  • Good interface


  • Sometimes it lags a little while using the internet (depending on your PC specs)
  • Ads on homebar



best android emulators for low end pc

MEmu is for those people looking to play mobile games on a low-end PC. This Emulator is filled with lots of useful features. MEmu also provides compatibility support for controllers and external devices. For gaming, it has a Battle Royale mode where you get predefined controls for Battle Royale games like PUBG or Call Of Duty: Mobile.

You can easily capture screenshots and record video at one click. You can access downloads, file manager and settings quickly from the homebar which prevents the hazel of searching them through all the apps. So, what about the performance??

MEmu runs very smoothly, even while multitasking, but sometimes it just randomly crashes. I don’t know why. Might an update will fix it. You can even manually allocate resource for running this emulator and can also change the resolution making it more resource friendly while heavy workloads.


  • Cool features
  • Smooth
  • Best for gaming


  • Sometimes it crashes randomly
  • Not so good to look
  • Missing some basic features



Andy - android emulator for pc

Andy is another lightweight and feature packed android emulator for low end PCs. The interface looks very clean as it doesn’t display recommended apps on the home screen. You can connect your Android phone to the PC and receive messages and other notifications on it. This is very useful when I’m constantly switching between the chat and the video I’m watching on YouTube.

You can download apps and games directly from the playstore. Other useful features include bookmark sync for google chrome, support for controllers and other hardware like microphones and camera. One thing I don’t like about Andy is that it doesn’t have a screenshot or video recording option on the sidebar.

The compatibility support is also strong and you can use your mobile as a controller via a USB cable or WiFi. However, it’s not that good for gaming. It takes some time to load resources or to open an app. Also, the gameplay seems to be little laggy while playing PUBG or any CPU intensive game.

But I’d like to say that Andy was quite stable throughout my usage. I rarely felt any glitches or performance issues even while multitasking.


  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Support Windows 7 and 8
  • Clean interface


  • Won’t recommend for gaming
  • Runs on lower Android versions


Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS best emulator for low end pc

Phoenix OS is not an emulator. It’s an Android Operating System, which you can dual boot your PC and use as an android device. The interface is very similar to Windows and looks very pleasant to the eyes. The best part is that it runs on Android Nougat.

This is a very popular Android OS available on the Internet today. It’s fast and also works on low-end PC’s very efficiently without any hiccups.

Thanks to its multi-window feature, you can easily drag and drop files from one window to another just like the Windows. Multitasking is super easy on the Phoenix OS and is super fast at loading stuff as all the resources are allocated for running the Android OS. Visit this guide for installing Phoenix OS on your PC.

Phoenix OS has an inbuilt toggle root feature. When enabled, you can get your PC to do some cool stuff like making the UI completely dark or ripping off ads from any app or games.


  • Fast
  • Stable
  • No ads
  • Suitable for gaming
  • Native Windows-like UI
  • Also supports 64-bit computers


  • Lack of features
  • Complicated installation

Download (Don’t download it from other websites other than the official one)

Ko Player

Ko Player is another performance based Android emulator with basic UI and basic features like support for controllers, mics, camera, etc. This emulator works on kernel technology, which company claims to be the fastest of all other emulators. I experienced some bugs and certain performance issues while multitasking. You can also directly download apps from playstore.

This emulator is gaming-centric with handy features like capturing screenshots and video recording.


  • Supports older Windows version
  • Easy to set-up


  • Sometimes laggy
  • Contains ads


So, what Android emulator you should use on a low end PC ???

If you are looking to play games, go for MEmu. Especially PUBG. In fact, it is the best emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on PC according to us. Also, we recommend Nox Player for productivity, thanks to its ability to multitask smoothly than other emulators given above. If you want to completely turn your PC into an Android device, install Phoenix OS.