9 Usefull Android apps that make use of Sensors

sensor apps for android

Our android phone is a very powerful device and various sensors make it  much more useful than we think. You just need to install the right app and see how amazing work can our device do. But which app to install??? We have searched the web for the coolest and usefull apps to make use our android sensors that are currently available and listed them down.

Every app have a unique feature that makes them stand out. So, don’t forget to checkout the complete list.

9 apps to use our android sensors

Physics toolkit sensor suite

If you are a student or a physicist this app is very recommended for you to have it in your mobile. It uses almost all the sensors that are present in your mobile phone. You can export the collected data in CSV format directly in your phone memory or google drive. One great feature of this app is that it allows you to collect data from multiple sensors at once.

sensor apps for android

Other usefull features offered by this app are….

  • Sensor collection rate
  • Timestamp on exported file
  • Keep the screen on while collecting data and many more

Physics toolkit plots the data in a graphical as well as vector format. That’s a lot to expect from a 6MB app but it doesn’t stop here. It can carry out advance experiments like spectrum analyzer, tone detector, color detector. Also this app is completely ad free and has a pro version.


Vibration Meter

Vibration meter is pretty cool app that measures vibrations and also give you a refrence to it by using MMI (modified mercalli intensity) scale. for eg…

  • light – passing of a truck
  • moderate – breaking of dishes
  • very strong – damaging houses
apps to use android sensors

You can measure intensity of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and avalances. You just have to be present there at the time of event.

I liked playing with this app by experimenting how accurate this app is and it turned out be more accurate than i expected.


you can also checkout Sound meter which is very similar to this app.


This is one of the most usefull apps present in this list. It has several modes of operations…

  • Bubble level
  • Clinometer
  • Laser level
  • Area and length
  • Protractor
android apps for android sensors

You can also save your measurements inside the app. Protractor is the most usefull feature of this app as you can measure the angle between objects around you using camera and save the image along with the measurement.



This is another very advance app which compehensively uses almost every sensors present in your phone. Phyphox is designed for student and test experiments from online sources. Measuring the speed of the elevator was a fun.

how to use android sensors

Main part is that it allows your phone to test various physical concepts like pendullum, rolling, spring. You can view the experiments on your PC and export the data in predefined formats into your computer.

This app is capable of turning your smartphone into real life pendulum or can use it as a sonar.

Phyphox offers some great sound experiments like…

  • Doppler effect
  • Audio autocolleration
  • Audio scope

You can also create your own experiments by defining suitable inputs and steps and create a visual representation of it using their own web editor.


Atmospheric Pressure Barometer

This app is a most unique android app that uses barometer and alimeter sensor to trace your altitude, atmospheric pressure around you. If your device doesn’t have barometric sensor, the app automatically retrieves data from the web and shows you.

android apps to use sensors on our phone

This app also provides….

  • Location coordinates
  • wind speed
  • humidity
  • visibility

Some of these features require your device to have specific sensors or else they might not show the data. This app gives a very accurate information of your altitude.


Sensor video player

With the help of this app you can play youtube videos or songs with your phone screen off. 

This app is now permanently installed on my phone. You just need to open this app turn hide your proximity sensor and video or song will keep on playing. note that the video will pause if you press the power button.

apps to use android sensors

It saves the battery that would have been used if the screen was ON. You can just hide the proximity sensor by placing your phone upside down.

If you want to listen podcasts or songs but don’t want to watch the video then this app is very helpful.


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Metal detector and body scanner

A very basic but interesting app that uses the magnetic sensor present in our mobile phones to detect the presence of metal in the surroundings. Range may vary depending upon the sensor quality in you device.

Metal detector app for android

It can be used as body scanner, hidden camera detector. This app can also detect metal or gold stored in a container. Install this app and start your treasure hunting.


Sensor multitool

Another add free and basic sensor kit that uses all sensor and gives you the information about them. Data collected by them is displayed in graphical format.

sensor apps for android

It uses alimeter for altitude measurement and also detects metals using magnetometer. This can be used as compass as well as wifi analyzer. Sensor multitool combines the funtionability of various sensors in single app. It might not give the most detailed and accurate information but its pretty clean and easy to use.


Hidden camera detector

The ultimate tool to detect if someone is spying on you. If you always worry about your privacy while using bathrooms or changing rooms then you should carry this app. You just need to have a smartphone with a magnetic sensor.

android apps that use sensors

It can detect infrared lights that creates the possibility that there is hidden IR camera. You have to move your phone around to detect any. This app will also detect IR remote and also has a paid version.


We are done here with this list of some coolest sensor apps for android. Some apps are too advanced and some are very useful. These sensor apps for android takes the best advantage of the sensors and make our android device much more useful. Comment down below if we have miss something.

Summing up

It is all that we got. I really liked the hidden camera detector apps and its ability to detect IR rays make it different from other sensor apps on android device. Phyphox and physics multikit are example of how usefull these sensor apps for our android phone can be.