5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in video games

artificial intelligence in video games

Have you ever wondered how open world games or any other games are so realistic to play. Whether it is a enemy, bird, cars, team members or the streets light every aspect of a game matters for your gaming experience. Artificial Intelligence has the task to put life into those things. I don’t feel the need to explain how great AI is. Gaming is also a field where artificial intelligence has burried its flags. Here are some examples of artificial intelligence in video games that we often see while gaming.

Artificial intelligence in video games


artificial intelligence in video games

This one is pretty obvious. In an openworld game like GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 NPC’s serve a important part for most of the time. AI has the task to control NPC’s behaviour based on various surrounding situations. In GTA 5 or any other open world game, we see pedestrians reacting to our behaviours along with other NPC’s behaviour.

Lets say for example, if you drive your car into a pedestrian you will see them walking out of our way and will dive aside if the car is fast, this is what AI tells them to do based upon cars direction, size and speed. There are hundreds of examples of this. Such detailed behaviours of NPC’s is not possible for developers to script and thats why AI has its importance.

Board games

artificial intelligence in video games

Ever wondered whose is making the move while playing chess on your mobile or your desktop, thats the computer which makes use of artificial intelligence to checkmate you. Board games are a great example of how useful artificial intelligence in video games is. Artificial intelligence is like a human, they learn new things based on past experiences. An incredible example of this is AlphaZero AI which was developed by DeepMind in 2017. AlphaZero was reported to beat a champion chess program (A chess playing computer application) by teaching itself chess for 4 hours.

Yeah! we can say that AI wins against a scripted computer program but not only that. AlphaZero was also capable to learn new games just like humans at a great speed and accuracy.


artificial intelligence in video games

AI has great influence in action and adventure games due to its ability to make combat more real. Back in old games combat was pretty simple, player position will determine enemy reactions. The manner of their approach used to be extremely defensive or completely offensive.

In modern games their approach is based on our previous actions, sounds, weapons we are carrying which makes combat more real life. Example of such game is Far Cry series, Sleeping dogs, Ace combat 7, Assassin’s creed and there are lot more.

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Evolving surrounding

ai in video games

This is usually seen in modern day open world games like Red dead redemption 2. Thanks AI for the incredible detailed enviournment we see in the game. The changing climate, progressing construction of buildings and the ageing of the animals that we see are all AI driven.

ai in video games

These are just few of the many examples of varying enviournment we see in open world games. AI can easily turn a game into a real life simulation and RDR 2 is merely just a example of how AI can improve our gaming experience. Here are some other examples of varying enviournment from RDR 2…

  • Arthur’s facial hair grows overtime.
  • The moon operates on exact lunar cycles.
  • If you leave the bodies of animals where you killed them, they will attract scavengers and their Carcasses will decompose over time.
  • Wildlife ecosystem where predators will hunt their prey for there living.
  • Newspaper will cover the events that occur throughout the storyline.

and the list keeps on going….

source: ign


artificial intelligence in video games

We often see bots in offline games as well as online games where they compete against you. They are different from NPC’s. In Counter Strike we are surrounded by bots and playing against or with them. In racing games like asphalt 8 we are competing against the cars that are nothing but bots feed with driving abilities.

Their behaviour is often scripted but to avoid repetative actions they need AI to control them. To carry out a gameplay they must react to our actions as well, just like a normal human will do. Bots are a usefull replacement for absence of players in online games and there is no need of a human to play with us. They have the ability of critical thinking as well and can be aggressive or defensive when needed.

Summing up

The above things that we just saw are just some of the uses of artificial intelligence in video games. This is merely just a starting and the games released in 2018 says it all. AI has been a part of our lives in different aspects and i don’t even need to state where. And gaming is not a exception.

Producing games is becoming a lot easier and developers don’t need to start developing a games from scrath. Looking at this years CES, 2019 will also be a great year for gaming.

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