Beach Buggy Racing 2 review – one step forward???

beach buggy racing 2

Beach buggy racing 2 is not more than a week old and it crossed over 1 Lakh downloads on play store. Vector unit does say that this game is just like Beach buggy racing but with more powerups and race tracks.

I’m a big fan of Beach buggy racing which was it’s previous version and I used to play a lot. Why not?? BBR is one of the best arcade racing game available on android.

Graphics and sound

beach buggy racing 2 review

Graphics are pleasant to eyes, visuals are pretty enhanced, shadows are fine. Vector unit added bunch of elements in the game more than BB1. Interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. 

Music is good and slightly misses the gameplay vibe which makes the gameplay less intense. Some of the sounds are imported from BBR as developers wanted to preserve some piece of previous game.


Beach Buggy racing 2 review

New theme of the tracks makes the game more playable and also you can earn them as you power up.
They added Pyramids, abandoned pirate ships and many other. However, Music and sounds is kind of boring as compared to gameplay and that’s why I prefer to play without music.¬†


Some of the levels are way more easy and some of them are very difficult. Some of the features of BBR like coins doubler and chest opener mechanics are missing from the game.
Since the game is new, developers might be looking forward to improve.
The game has a lot more space for improvement.

Things i liked

  • 1. New tracks
  • 2. Powerups
  • 3. Multiplayer mode
  • 4. Cool awards

Things I didn’t liked

  • 1. Frequent lagging and frame drops
  • 2. Can’t play with friends
  • 3. Missing features
  • 4. Boring music
  • 5. Level designing needs some improvement¬†

Vector unit tried to add lots of elements in the game and did there best to make this game stand out but ignored some key features which is why the game failed to deliver the experience that fans where expecting.

Download Beach buggy racing 2 here

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