9 Best Bike Racing Games for Android

Bike racing games android

Bike racing games were never been something that I always liked and there are not many great games to play. Even if you want to play a bike racing game you will have to go through hefty research to find the one that you were looking for. But don’t worry because we have done the hard work for you guys and curated a list of 9 that we think are the best bike racing games on android that will fill up your need.

Best Bike Racing games for android

  • Racing Fever: Moto
  • Traffic rider
  • SBK16
  • Racing Moto
  • Gravity rider
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne – Bike mode
  • Moto X3M
  • Bike race free
  • Rider

Racing Fever: Moto

best bike racing games for android

Racing fever is a pretty popular bike game on play store. The game allows you to try your hands on 16 different motorcycles. The impressive part is that speed, handling varies according to your bike. Also, the customization option is present for your bikes. Another good thing is the graphics…elements are very clear and the draw distance is also amazing

Why to play this game:

  • Police Escape mode
  • Highly optimized for mobile devices
  • Graphics and controls are great


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Traffic rider

bike games android

I had to say that this game is addictive with over 70 story mode missions to complete. You can play endlessly dodging city traffic as there is no petrol limit. Game is packed with 25+ real-life cars like Hayabusa, Vespa along with some customizable options.

Why to play this game:

  • Great number of missions and bikes
  • Addictive
  • Extra credits for performing stunts

The developers claim that the sound of bikes is recorded from original bikes. Online leaderboard lets you compare your driving skills with other players around the globe which makes the game competitive and more playable



best motorcycle games android

SBK16 is the predecessor of SBK15 which was the predecessor of SBK14. I would have loved if they improved previous games instead of making new ones. Anyways, the game has a bunch of features to offer like controller support, 4 different maps, cool real-life racing bikes.

Why to play this game:

  • Enhanced graphics
  • 4 different modes like Championships, Quick race, Time attack, Test ride

Some players reported improper handling and performance drops which is strange as the game is not that memory intensive. One thing i didn’t like about this game is the ad popups at unexpected times.


Racing moto

best bike games for android

Don’t be confused as there are tons of games of the same name. Racing moto is the simplest among the other bike racing games for android that we have tried. This game is in the play store for a long time. But it is still addictive as it was when I used to play it as a kid. The controls are very simple, tilt to control and tap to speed up.

The game is very addictive and yeah! you can’t play this game while sleeping. This game has only 3 bikes and also don’t have features to offer. The bike will speed up as you keep progressing and after a while, it seems very difficult to play.

Why to play this game:

  • Super Addictive
  • Lightweight


Gravity Rider

free bike racing games android

Gravity rider is a fun and challenging 3d space-based bike racing game. Graphics are amazing and very pleasant for the eyes. The game offers some great challenges along with some cool looking bikes.

The game puts you in lots of difficult situations. You have to go across several traps to just sustain in the game and to win the race. Controls are easy and game mechanics are also impressive.

Why to play this game:

  • Challenging levels
  • Customizable bikes and also you can upgrade the parts
  • Cool visuals


Asphalt 8 airborne – Bike mode

bike racing games

I always wanted Gameloft to do a bike racing game and they added bikes in asphalt 8. Bikes in asphalt 8 are been there for quite a long. As the asphalt 9 has come out you might not have the reason to look back at asphalt 8 but bike mode will let you do it. This is one of the high graphics bike racing game for android.

Gameloft didn’t make new maps for bikes but I’d like to say that the graphics are amazing. They are the best among this list. You can play multiplayer with bikes as well. Like the cars mode performing cool stunts on your bike will gain your nitro. Bike parts are also upgradable. Tons of customizable options are also present. This game is an ultimate racing experience for bikes as well as for cars.

Why to play this game:

  • Great customization options
  • Superb graphics
  • Great maps and bikes

The game is memory hungry and will eat your storage size. So, it is possible to see frame drops depending upon your device.


Bike Race Free

top bike racing games for android

This is a very simple 2d bike game with lots of missions and tracks. It is quite a fun to play this game with friends but sometimes it’s boring and seems easy to complete the missions. You are constantly put against impossible-looking tracks. Surely this game will test your control and handling skills at some range.

Why to play this game:

  • Pretty challenging
  • You can race against your friends


Moto X3M

top bike games for android

This is a cool 2D multi-theme bike game where challenges are hard at they get. Your biking skills will be tested on various terrains. All you have to do is make a perfect balance of your bike while doughing obstacles.

The game’s visuals are very clear. Various bikes, 130 challenges and some cool stunts make Moto X3M more awesome. Customizable controls and frequent updates are something that makes it a perfect bike game to play.

Why to play this game:

  • Different themes like snow, beach, space
  • Quiet fun to play



best bike games on android
Get ready for some flippin’ action!

Rider is a 2D game with some unique features. The neon lighting of the tracks looks super cool in this game.

The controls are simple and responsive which makes smooth sailing along the tracks. However, Physics and mechanics of the game can be improved. Some of the vehicles are very sensitive and some missions are very difficult to complete but it’s quite fun. The game offers 40 bikes, 32 levels and 100 challenges to make sure you never get bored.

Why to play this game:

  • Play along 10 different themes
  • Challenging levels
  • Addictive


Summing up

That’s it for this list of top 9 best bike racing games for android. We have tried and tested a lot of games for this purpose. Bike racing games on android are very far from getting a proper fan base because there are lots of things to improve here.