Dirt Rally is free to own on Steam before 16 September

Dirt rally free on steam

A few weeks ago Dirt Rally was made available for free by the Codemasters on Humble Store. Users could download it if they sign up for the Humble Store newsletter. Now they are doing it again with the Steam Store. But now you are not required to sign up to anything or something like that.

Dirt Rally is currently available for free to download (and keep it for lifetime) on the Steam Store before 10 AM PT on 16th September. Here’s the direct link to the store. The game is usually available for 39.99 USD.

Here’s another deal for you. The Dirt Bundle, which includes Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt 4 is also up for a 73% discount here. Dirt Rally now fully supports Oculus Rift giving you the ultimate experience in racing immersion.

Via Neowin