Games are worth more than music and videos in UK’s retail market

UK retail market topped by video gmaes

2018 was trully an amazing year for gaming industry. We saw many innovations that revolutionarized this industry along with some great games that i don’t even have to take names of. Mobile gaming industry has changed a lot because smartphones are getting better and better to handle games and at a very low cost.

In UK, video games generated more revenue via physical sale than videos and music. Although, it is predictable as most of the music and movie/tv show purchases take place online as we got netflix, amazon prime for that.

Even if we talk about all revenue streams you can see that games generated more than videos and music combined.

video games revenue in UK market

Honestly, for me games are the best when it comes to entertainment. Perhaps, GTA 5 is the best entertainment product ever released. Have a look at the best selling console games in UK market as of 2018.

UK best selling console games

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