HELI 100 review – Simple yet interesting

HELI 100 review

HELI 100 is recently published neat and simple casual helicopter game with over 100 missions to complete and lots of powerups. You have given the task for controlling a helicopter and burst through incoming enemy gunships.

Heli 100 review:

Get into your helicopter gunship and blast your way through flying alien armies in this action-packed shoot ’em up game!

Powerups for the rescue

HELI 100 game review

The game feature over more than 35 supercool powerups like Laser shot, Hyper shield, Drone, Super 360, Sidekick and many more to help you when things get unpredictable. To unlock powerups you will have to progress in the game. For eg: to unlock laser shot you need to complete 190 waves in total.

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At first the game seems to be very effortless to play for few missions. Along with easy controls the helicopter was plain sailing. But after completing 15-20 missions the game gets significantly interesting as the difficulty rises, so does your skills and now you have an upgraded helicopter. HELI 100 is pretty fun to play without any intense concentration required

Heli 100 review
Gameplay screenshots

However, HELI 100 is not endless from the very beginning like other casual games are. Only the 100th mission can be played Endlessly. I will be looking forward for developers to bring in some extra new features

Why you should play it:

  • Almost Ad free
  • Lots of missions and powerups
  • Lightweight
  • Simple concept

Download HELI 100 from playstore.

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