Nintendo files a patent for ‘bendable’ Switch controllers

bendable switch controllers

Well, Nintendo seems obvious in trying to make Switch a better price for value option here and don’t want to leave any efforts behind. Nintendo’s recent design for ‘bendable’ Switch controllers looks like a way to improve ergonomics and give the Switch user better control/grip and comfort over the buttons.

bendable switch controllers
Via: Imgur

From the images, we can see that the hinges make the above half of each Joy-Cons to bend downwards at about a 20-degree angle. According to this Reddit thread, Nintendo might have to give up some components like motion cameras or the HD rumble to fit the hinge. This will be rather useless if there is any functionality to sacrifice or any increase in price for this design. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if they make the Joy-Cons a little wider to fit a hinge in that tiny space.

However, this design might not seem to make its way to the market anywhere near this time. But Nintendo is going to make some changes to its Switch design in the future that’s for sure.

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