One PUBG analyst predicted where the blue zone is most likely to go in final moments

Pubg final circles heatmap

In Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite, there is one important thing which changes the probability of you winning the game (RNG – Random Number Generator). The RNG basically is a factor of how lucky you are. RNG decides where the maximum loots are going to be or where the blue zone will be moving and things like that.

If you have played PUBG, you know that getting an ideal loot in the initial stages of a match is very important to win. Players have tried observing patterns in the working of RNG for a stroke of greater luck, but it is a heck of a challenge and almost no point in even trying that.

Russias former coach – Alexander recently tweeted his analysis report where he predicted the most probable locations where the blue zone will get in the last minutes. He made use of the data collected from 7,600 competitive PUBG matches played in Miramar and Erangel for this purpose.

As we can see that final circles in Erangel are widely dispersed while in Miramar: power grid, junkyard, impala and chumacera are very prone to final conflicts.