PUBG Lite for PC is officially arriving in India

PUBG Lite India date

For those who don’t know, Tencent launched a lighter version of PUBG for PC few months back that can be played on low-end PC’s without a dedicated GPU. But the initial release was in few Asian countries only and now PUBG Lite is making its way to India.

PUBG India’s official Facebook page posted a photo of PUBG themed Taj Mahal silhouette. However, they didn’t specify the date but it is expected to arrive on 25th June during the Steam sale. If you live in Kolkata, you can have a chance to receive exclusive in game items by visiting their boot on Gamer Connect Kolkata.

You can also play PUBG Lite before releasing in India by visiting this guide

More about PUBG Lite

You can now play PUBG on any PC….

  • Without Emulators
  • With high graphics settings
  • On low end PC as well
  • And that for FREE

The best part about PUBG lite is that it will run smoothly even on low end PC’s. PUBG’s PC version which is for around 1000 INR is very resource hungry. PUBG lite is the best alternative to this if you have a low end computer with only 4 gigs of RAM and a decent graphics card.

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