PUBG Mobile: List of banned cheaters announced

pubg mobile cheater list

Hackers and cheaters have been a huge problem for any shooting game since the very beginning. Having a hacker on the server disrupts the whole gaming experience and completely ruin the game for you. PUBG mobile is also vulnerable to cheaters and hackers at a greater extent. As an act to tackle hackers, Tencent is imposing a permanent ban of 10 years if they find someone cheating.

The list of banned cheaters that Tencent banned between 3 and 6 September is published here. Tencent constantly tries to remind players the importance of reporting players that you suspect of cheating. A hacker can possess infinite health or can run faster than a vehicle. Some other hacking techniques include using aimbot or the ability to shoot through walls by using unauthorized 3rd party apps.

After reporting a player for cheating, the developer team runs their game through an anti-cheating software to determine if they are using any cheating software or not (via

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