PUBG’s daily player count hit the lowest since July 2017

PUBG player count declining

No doubt, PUBG is a huge game with a very large player base. At its peak, PUBG had over 3 million daily players. However, these numbers were continuously declining for over a year now. As of Sept 9, 2019, PUBG had only 594,000 daily players. Which is the lowest since July 2017 when PUBG was a pretty new game.

pubg player count declining
Via: Reddit

Note that, this is PUBG PC we are talking about and not the mobile one. Well, it is obvious to see that growing competition among the battle royale genre is supposed to be blamed. With developers like Activision stepping into the game, someone has to pay for it.

But don’t worry about the death of PUBG or something like that. Above half a million players daily playing the game is still a very good sign and the game is nowhere near from dying.