6 Things to know about Samsung’s foldable phone

After the Edge display here come the Samsung’s “Infinity Flex Display”. Samsung does say it as Infinity but let’s see how far it goes.

Not only that but Samsung is looking forward to create rollable as well as Stretchable display phones. Trully Samsung must be regarded as king of displays in smartphone industry.

I Hope Samsung must be thinking of implementing this technology in other devices as well.

Anyways, after lots of rumours and conclusions here are things about Samsung’s foldable phone that you should know.

1. One UI

Samsung's foldable phone

Samsung said that this phone will run on One UI which is an Samsung’s own custom software. There are chances that samsungs other opcoming phone also be running One UI. This foldable phone will come with Android Pie as beta version of One UI is only available for Android Pie.

2. Software is the key

When it is folded it’s a phone and when it’s open it’s a tablet. And Samsung’s says it can be folded “hundreds of thousands of time” which means a great load on the software. Faryaab says…

3. Multi active window

This feature provides split screen functionability to smartphones which allows you to use THREE apps at the same time.

This feature interested many app developers to create more responsive and flexible versions of their applications to make them compatible with foldable screens.

4. Let’s talk about specs.

Samsung is using composite polymer which is the reason behind  “hundreds of thousands of time” this phone can be folded.

The battery is not foldable and Samsung is pushing it limits to last long as the current Galaxy phone but I still doubt because 3 display means 3x more power drainage.

4.5 Inch display specs


420 dpi/ppi


7.3 Inch display specs


420 dpi/ppi


5. Infinity Flex Display

Infinty Flex Display is first of it’s kind technology developed by Samsung. I appreciate Samsung efforts for making a completely new display to pull off their innovation.

Samsung developed an adhesive which is used to laminate the display layers that can flex/move and allows it to bend thousand of times.

6. Cost

Surely it is not a budget smartphone and will cost more than $1,500 (assuming 8GB RAM and 128GB storage).

There are reasons for that,

The Royale perfect FlexPai’s foldable phone’s cost was $1,318 having 6GB RAM and 128GB storage plus adding the cost of developing new display, A bigger battery and One UI it will surely surpass the estimated cost.

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