The Escapists 2: Pocket breakout review

the escapists 2 pocket breakout review

The next level prison escape game is here!! The escapists 2: Pocket breakout is a puzzle strategy game that just came out on android for 650 INR. The android version is not even a bit less impressive than the pc version.

“You will be thrown into the shady enviornment of a prison and your only job is to figure a way out from there. But don’t worry, luckily the prison you are in is rich with books to train your mind. Also there is gym to put on some strength which will increase your chance of breaking out.”

The Escapists 2: Pocket breakout review

Make your way out

escapists 2 pocket breakout review

Escaping a prison is not at all easy and getting through the tight security is even more challenging. You will be required to keep some tools handy. So, keep your supplying network strong and tight.

Buy, bribe and beat your way through prison

Not all cops are ethical. Find the crooked one and it will drive you out from those bars.

4 are always better than 1

The game offers a multiplayer mode where you can team up with your cell mates to plan and perform an ultimate escape to freedom.

the escapists 2 pocket breakout review

Grow day by day

“Prison time is a long time” and that’s true. You have to improve and survive every day to get out. The prison is huge with several floors, secret underground tunnels and vents. You can use them to guide your way out.

Scheme. Sneak. Succed!

Strict prison rules will not let you easily explore them. But you need to figure out a escape blueprint during the daily routine of the prison. Remember that you mind is your notepad.

Remain under the radar

Don’t miss out the roll calls, don’t seem too suspicious during your job or on the table and avoid getting into solitary.


The controls are customizable and comes with great number of options. Buttons size and location can be changed. Bluetooth controller is also supported. Touch control will make your prisoner go to the location where you tapped.

escapists 2 pocket breakout review


  • Dedicated tutorials
  • 5 hand picked prisons
  • Number of crafting combinations
  • Customizable character

Only ssue with the game

  • No online multiplayer. You can only play with friends connected via LAN.


The escapists 2: Pocket breakout is very challenging and addictive game. There are tutorials on every point to help you out. Sometime, you will get confused what to do next because of the sandbox styled gameplay. Overall, the game is very fun and 650 rupees are something you should defenitely spend on. That was all for the Escapists 2: pocket breakout review

Download the game here

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